About Me

I am a computer enthusiast who’s been fooling with them since the late 1980’s. I first became interested through Amateur Radio digital communications (Packet Radio). I decided to learn how to program since I had some things I wanted to do with packet radio BBSs. I learned Basic, Pascal and C to do them.

I first installed Red Hat Linux on one of my home computers in the late 1990’s. It wasn’t until Fedora Core 3 a few years later that I started permanently using Linux with no interruption. Since that time I’ve learned the intricacies of the operating system, and strengthened my system administration abilities. While my focus has been on the Red Hat family of distributions, I’ve also installed and used Ubuntu, Mint, openSUSE and others.

In addition to my programming experience and interest, I’ve also developed several database projects. In the mid-2000’s, I built a Web-based database application using Adobe’s Coldfusion, a language that I became quite impressed with and enjoyed very much. I’m also experienced with HTML and PHP development.


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