Installed Fedora 25

I recently installed the latest Fedora release (F25). Surprisingly, this time the install went smoothly. Congratulations Fedora!

Also in the last month:

Admin page now includes a link to the Lynis report.

Speedtest results now have warning thresholds.

Moved Apache server manual to admin.

Updated the home page.

Changed to PHP explode function since split() was removed in 7.0.

The usual changes to the Fedora Installation Checklist.

Other minor admin changes.

Installed Fedora 24

Over the last week I installed the latest Fedora release (F24). As usual I ran into an installation issue. Anaconda did not install grub.cfg, so the machine could not boot. After some rescue work, I was able to boot up and things worked fine. Good job Fedora.  🙁

Other things completed since the last entry:

Removed WordPress Login Security Solution plugin since it was blocking login.

Speedtest now warns if download, upload or ping are not normal.

If speedtest is warning, there is now a link to request a new test.

NSS began preventing Apache startup. See Apache NSS Configuration.TXT.

Backup script now exits with error if backup device isn’t mounted.

Disabled auditing and auditd due to spewing to console and log.

Updated version script to use php-pear-Console-Color2.

Added Hillary Clinton video to home page.

Demoted DynDNS for Internet IP check due to too many failures and slow responses.

Improved acquisition of distribution name for admin page.

The Let’s Encrypt client is now called Certbot. Changed scripts to reflect this change.

Disabled several startup services.

Several changes to the Fedora Installation Checklist.

Let’s Encrypt

Obtained SSL/TLS certificates from the new open certificate authority Let’s Encrypt. All Apache virtual hosts are now using these new certificates. Also put scripts in place to renew them monthly, although some further work may be required.

Some other items:

Graduated warnings for system loading on admin page.

Administrative check script file exists checks can now use days, hours or minutes.

Several changes to the terminal virtual host and admin page link.

Several minor changes on the admin page.

Installed Fedora 23

Last month I installed F23. I was also able to use DNF to add the packages in use for Fedora 22 and earlier. As with any Fedora version upgrade, it was accompanied by at least one installer crash. The Fedora Installation Checklist saw the usual tweaks as well.

Changes in the last couples of months:

Available updates now suppresses duplicates.

Enabled HTTP/2 in the Apache HTTPD server.

Removed ownCloud since it was not being correctly rendered in Firefox.

Updated to Nagios 4. Upgrade was initially unsuccessful due to the new /var/log/nagios/rw/ directory was not created.

Disabled several unneeded services.

More CentOS 7 work

I continued to work on the CentOS 7 installation. I was able to install VLC media player from repos. VLC is essential for me to even consider changing to CentOS. For now, I remain with Fedora.

Numerous additional things for August:

Nagios now checks the firewall.

Admin page now alerts if reboot is needed.

Kernels page displays one column when viewed with mobile browser.

Bolded running kernel on kernels page.

Koji kernel script error examples use current version.

Disabled server signature for admin pages to prevent leak on failed login.

Admin page versions now generated by function.

Fixed Nagios admin check script bug.

Small administrative check script improvement.

Fixed minor bugs on admin page 1.

Long list of holiday changes

Tightened dual authentication configurations for Nagios, Anyterm, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer. Now using different usernames and passwords for better security.

Added documentation for the admin access htpasswd file, and made related changes to Anyterm, Nagios, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer documentation.

Moved Apache server-status and server-info to Admin page for better security.

Added check for existing files to administrative check script. If file exists, an error is generated so admin can delete file or take other action.

Installed and configured the Cinnamon 1.6 desktop. With 1.6, Cinnamon seems to be a good alternative to GNOME Shell.

Improved and cleaned up iptables rules.

Fixed Roundcubemail problems with saving address book entries and writing to log files.

Added check for solar Plymouth theme to cron.

Added cron check for Drupal cron file. If it exists, delete since timed jobs are best handled internally.