Switched to Cinnamon DE

GNOME Shell is just too flaky here right now! For the last two releases, it’s been crashing and freezing and buggy. Some of the problems are probably related to Nouveau, but not all. I’ve already noticed Cinnamon has some video weirdness too. I’ll try GNOME Shell again when Fedora 20 comes out. In the meantime, while the server aspects of Fedora are solid, the desktop has never been flakier for me!

Long list of holiday changes

Tightened dual authentication configurations for Nagios, Anyterm, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer. Now using different usernames and passwords for better security.

Added documentation for the admin access htpasswd file, and made related changes to Anyterm, Nagios, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer documentation.

Moved Apache server-status and server-info to Admin page for better security.

Added check for existing files to administrative check script. If file exists, an error is generated so admin can delete file or take other action.

Installed and configured the Cinnamon 1.6 desktop. With 1.6, Cinnamon seems to be a good alternative to GNOME Shell.

Improved and cleaned up iptables rules.

Fixed Roundcubemail problems with saving address book entries and writing to log files.

Added check for solar Plymouth theme to cron.

Added cron check for Drupal cron file. If it exists, delete since timed jobs are best handled internally.