GNOME Desktop working again

Early this month I determined the desktop would work again by adding the kernal parameter nouveau.noaccel=1. The desktop is not as snappy, but no other strangeness is noted. For my hardware, the Linux desktop is surely not as viable as my Windows desktop.

Other recent things I’ve done:

Added Nagios Roundcube Webmail check.

Removed the ProFTP ftp server.

Disabled Internet access to telnet server.

GNOME Desktop not working with 3.13 kernels

I’m now booting the 3.13 kernels, but the desktop fails to start. GNOME worked fine with alll F20 3.11 and 3.12 kernels. I have received no help from the community with this, nor have my Google searches produced a solution so far. I will probably look into this further, but it’s yet another Linux desktop disappointment. While I know my GeForce 7300 LE is getting old, I thought Linux excelled at supporting older hardware?

Also in the last couple of weeks:

Moved updates testing message to admin 2.

Admin 1 Clear All button is now shown whenever there are new version flags.

Several improvements to new koji kernel check.

New koji kernel flag now cleared when the new kernel is booted.

Kernel 3.13.2

I attempted to run the first 3.13 Fedora kernel yesterday. GNOME did not seem to start. No login screen. Everything else seemed to be OK. I posted a message to the Fedora kernel mailing list, and left -1 karma. Rolled back to 3.12.10.

Also on the subject of the desktop, GNOME seems to work satisfactorily on Fedora 20. There are still some video glitches. Maybe now that nVidia is helping Nouveau things will get better. We’ll see!

Switched to Cinnamon DE

GNOME Shell is just too flaky here right now! For the last two releases, it’s been crashing and freezing and buggy. Some of the problems are probably related to Nouveau, but not all. I’ve already noticed Cinnamon has some video weirdness too. I’ll try GNOME Shell again when Fedora 20 comes out. In the meantime, while the server aspects of Fedora are solid, the desktop has never been flakier for me!