A whole lot of changes

This is a list of the many changes since Thanksgiving:

WordPress notes admin page now has “there are no notes yet” message.

Clear button on wordpress notes page erases all notes on page.

Users connecting from unknown hosts no longer generate Nagios email warnings.

Internet IP now changes color with multiple tries.

Moved MariaDB database backups to nightly backup script.

New koji kernel flag deleted when the new kernel is running.

Server signatures only appear on admin pages to increase security.

Default text editor now set in global bashrc.

Fixed file count on directory listing script.

Improved the Fedora upgrade checklist and related changes.

No longer automatically verify Plymouth theme since it may break GNOME.

Minor change to grub backup checks.

Fixed minor bug on kernels page.

October changes and improvements

Created script to show file and directory totals for ‘l’ command alias.

GRUB backup status messages now on admin pages.

Minor fixes to GRUB backups.

Improved script that downloads and installs a new koji kernel.

Broke out admin page common PHP code to include file.

Version history now sorted newest entries first.

Install date and time added to kernels page.

Added footer to admin page 2.

Minor changes across several admin pages.

September improvements

Created an admin page 2 for future expansion.

Created header include file for admin pages.

Added set_time_limit() to several admin pages for df command taking
too long.

Switched to curl with timeout to improve Internet IP checks.

Admin header now shows Internet IP check retries if they exist.

Grub.cfg now backed up in /boot/grub2/.cfg/.

Created admin pages for the to-do list and notes.

Add page refreshed every x minutes to header of several admin pages.

Yum clean all now run before every updates testing check.

Replaced displayed date with “today” and “yesterday” on more admin

Various Improvements

Implemented several WordPress security features. Documented them in “WordPress Security.TXT” and “WordPress Installation.TXT”.

Improved the grub.cfg generation script by adding the option to proceed or not after editing the special customization file.

Added bashrc function to properly handle starting gEdit in the background with ‘g’ and a file argument.

Recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Noticed several video issues in Unity which do not impress me. Perhaps without these issues, Unity might be a good alternative to GNOME Shell. But not for now.