Many new features and improvements

Many of the things listed in this post have been in development since January.

Admin page now shows number of priority and regular updates testing. New priority updates alert at top of page.

Created available updates page. Lists priorty and all updates testing.

Created update information page. Gives detailed information for testing update package. Includes option for applying the update.

Update information page now allows selection of history file when default is not found.

Package description now properly formatted on update information and version history pages.

Added select box to version history page to switch between applications.

Moved check to change font color for new versions to admin page to improve and streamline the check.

Alert for new installed package versions now appears at top of admin page.

Added IOwait to processor usage on admin page.

New version checks now run every ten minutes.

New version flags are now remembered per application. The version history page can now clear the application’s flag.

URL on update information and version history pages now clickable.

Admin page now has “Clear All” button to clear multiple new version flags.

Minor tweak to daily admin checks to fix multiple instances running that causes performance problems.

Save of IPTABLES rules now runs hourly.

More admin shell scripts now run in background.

Virtual hosts now have error document pages. In the future, may create a custom page for each virtual host.

Long list of holiday changes

Tightened dual authentication configurations for Nagios, Anyterm, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer. Now using different usernames and passwords for better security.

Added documentation for the admin access htpasswd file, and made related changes to Anyterm, Nagios, phpMyAdmin, AWStats and Webalizer documentation.

Moved Apache server-status and server-info to Admin page for better security.

Added check for existing files to administrative check script. If file exists, an error is generated so admin can delete file or take other action.

Installed and configured the Cinnamon 1.6 desktop. With 1.6, Cinnamon seems to be a good alternative to GNOME Shell.

Improved and cleaned up iptables rules.

Fixed Roundcubemail problems with saving address book entries and writing to log files.

Added check for solar Plymouth theme to cron.

Added cron check for Drupal cron file. If it exists, delete since timed jobs are best handled internally.