Upgraded to Fedora 22

I attempted to install F22 using the live DVD. Since yum became dnf, the previous method of installing packages from the package list file no longer works. So, another in the long list of Fedora upgrade woes! For the first time, I used fedup to perform the update. After fixing a couple of issues, Fedora 22 seems to be working fine. As for the future, I will need to consider how to proceed.

Here are some other things I’ve recently worked on:

Created script to erase kernel-core package when removal requested on kernels page.

Updated numerous scripts for yum->dnf change.

Kernels page now uses cached filesystem information.

Installed and enabled Spamassassin.

Karma check page now has check and cancel links.

Admin page now has more karma check and cancel links.

Added koji check ini file name to tag line on kernels page.

Changed home page content.

Installed Fedora 21

I installed F21 early last month. Things seem to be working generally as usual, except for display issues. The usual problems were encountered during installation, and with GNOME regarding lack of support for my nVidia 7300 LE. These issues are not really the fault of Fedora, but continue to be a Linux disappointment. Windows runs fine on the 7300 LE.

Here’s the list of changes since last posting:

Updated kernel script for Fedora 21 changes.

Fixed karma check script to detect server error.

Changed home page Youtube video etc.

Cron creates empty admin notes and todo list files if they don’t already exist.

Updated the fedora installation checklist for F21.

Cinnamon and more

Now that I’m using the Nouveau noaccel parameter, it seems Cinnamon is too slow and resource intensive for my use. That said, it remains the most impressive desktop environment, except for possibly GNOME. I’m fairly sure I’ll be trying it again in the not-too-distant future.

And some other recent items:

Installed hwinfo hardware information and cron script code.

Added Fedora 10th anniversary graphic/link to home page.

After two years, finally activated WordPress Akismet plugin.

Updated Jetpack WordPress plugin to address security vulnerability.

Niced more commands in cron scripts.

Bolded package line on karma check page.

More updates for August

Internet IP checks now retry a couple of times if not successful.

A koji kernel check can now be requested from the kernels page.

Several improvements to koji kernel checks.

Removed koji link from admin page.

Karma check and available updates pages now have last check date/time as well
as elapsed time in header. Also improved last check error checking and

Added prune history to update information and version history pages.

Added check link in header of available updates page.

Better version history checking on update information page.

Page creation date and time now in header of admin pages where needed.

Fixed karma checking bug on admin page.

Improved karma check script.

Improved header on version history page.

Created get_day_str() function that returns “today” and “yesterday”. Began
process of integrating it on admin pages.

All MySQL databases now back up together as well as individually.

Changed checks for old output files to 6 hours for hourly checks.

Rewrote script that checks for testing updates and more

Rewrote testing updates and priority updates check for functionality and speed.

Available updates page now includes number of installed packages, total updates
testing, and number of new priority updates.

Karma page now includes elapsed minutes etc. since last update.

Other minor changes on karma page.

Kernels page storage information now uses ‘df’ instead of PHP functions for better

Running kernel is colored green and other minor improvements on kernels page.

Added Koji kernels link to admin page.

Enabled Zend OPCache in PHP.

Karma check and other improvements

Reworked karma check script to output which installed packages need karma. Script now ignores garbage output and “ignored: ” lines. Created karma bash script which is aliased to karma. Karma checks are run four times daily, now in the background. Admin page now has link to view packages waiting for karma.

Nagios admin checks now include date and time.

Changed from file_exists() to is_readable() in many PHP scripts.