NVIDIA driver and other items

Installed the proprietary nVidia driver. After a short time after login, GNOME Shell crashes! Another FAIL for Linux on the desktop with my 7300 LE card. This exact configuration worked just fine a couple of years ago.  🙁

Other recent activities:

Replaced fetchmail with getmail.

Fixed bug in list alias script.

Updated the Linux counter script.

Disabled logwatch fortunes.

Updated the Fedora upgrade checklist.

Fixed a sorting issue on the kernels page.

Display driver issues

At this time, Nouveau does not work well with either GNOME Shell 3 or Cinnamon. I also tried to install nVidia’s proprietary driver, but I was not able to make that work with Fedora 19. So I switched to the lightweight LXDE desktop, and that seems to work with my card. However, it doesn’t have the polish of the others. I need to try MATE, since it’s basically GNOME 2.

Unfortunately, this all reminds me that Linux is not really excellent on the desktop. I’ve tried to convince myself it is this last few years, but it just isn’t. Too much churn, too much breakage. One step forward, two steps back. Sometimes two steps forward, and one back. But always some back. Both Windows and OS X are dependable and have an excellent selection of mature apps. Linux desktop apps are always “just about mature”. I need to be able to rely on my desktop! The story isn’t fully written, but it may just be too late for Linux to do on the desktop what it’s done on servers and portable devices.