More updates for August

Internet IP checks now retry a couple of times if not successful.

A koji kernel check can now be requested from the kernels page.

Several improvements to koji kernel checks.

Removed koji link from admin page.

Karma check and available updates pages now have last check date/time as well
as elapsed time in header. Also improved last check error checking and

Added prune history to update information and version history pages.

Added check link in header of available updates page.

Better version history checking on update information page.

Page creation date and time now in header of admin pages where needed.

Fixed karma checking bug on admin page.

Improved karma check script.

Improved header on version history page.

Created get_day_str() function that returns “today” and “yesterday”. Began
process of integrating it on admin pages.

All MySQL databases now back up together as well as individually.

Changed checks for old output files to 6 hours for hourly checks.