Installed Fedora 25

I recently installed the latest Fedora release (F25). Surprisingly, this time the install went smoothly. Congratulations Fedora!

Also in the last month:

Admin page now includes a link to the Lynis report.

Speedtest results now have warning thresholds.

Moved Apache server manual to admin.

Updated the home page.

Changed to PHP explode function since split() was removed in 7.0.

The usual changes to the Fedora Installation Checklist.

Other minor admin changes.

Rewrote script that checks for testing updates and more

Rewrote testing updates and priority updates check for functionality and speed.

Available updates page now includes number of installed packages, total updates
testing, and number of new priority updates.

Karma page now includes elapsed minutes etc. since last update.

Other minor changes on karma page.

Kernels page storage information now uses ‘df’ instead of PHP functions for better

Running kernel is colored green and other minor improvements on kernels page.

Added Koji kernels link to admin page.

Enabled Zend OPCache in PHP.