Upgraded to Fedora 22

I attempted to install F22 using the live DVD. Since yum became dnf, the previous method of installing packages from the package list file no longer works. So, another in the long list of Fedora upgrade woes! For the first time, I used fedup to perform the update. After fixing a couple of issues, Fedora 22 seems to be working fine. As for the future, I will need to consider how to proceed.

Here are some other things I’ve recently worked on:

Created script to erase kernel-core package when removal requested on kernels page.

Updated numerous scripts for yum->dnf change.

Kernels page now uses cached filesystem information.

Installed and enabled Spamassassin.

Karma check page now has check and cancel links.

Admin page now has more karma check and cancel links.

Added koji check ini file name to tag line on kernels page.

Changed home page content.