Linux Mint Running Desktop Computer

After decades of using Windows for my desktop machine, I switched to Linux Mint 18.1 Serena in late January. This change was mainly due to the fact that Windows Vista was going EOL in April. Other than a couple of minor issues, this change has gone well. Much of the desired functionality for this new installation is in place, with the remaining work being done slowly over the months.

Additional work on the Fedora server:

Koji command now times out to prevent boot failure.

Changed to NFS instead of Samba for more stable file sharing.

Removed nice from scripts in attempt to lower load averages.

Admin page now has check for any lost+found files.

Now also use Google DNS for public IP check.

IP checks use common include file.

Removed Nagios firewall check.

Let’s Encrypt cannot have multiple lines for domains in INI file.

Improved Let’s Encrypt footer logo.

No longer use xinetd for telnet.

Short stop timeout for telnet server to prevent shutdown delays.

Fixed several minor errors on admin pages.

GNOME Desktop working again

Early this month I determined the desktop would work again by adding the kernal parameter nouveau.noaccel=1. The desktop is not as snappy, but no other strangeness is noted. For my hardware, the Linux desktop is surely not as viable as my Windows desktop.

Other recent things I’ve done:

Added Nagios Roundcube Webmail check.

Removed the ProFTP ftp server.

Disabled Internet access to telnet server.