Installed Fedora 24

Over the last week I installed the latest Fedora release (F24). As usual I ran into an installation issue. Anaconda did not install grub.cfg, so the machine could not boot. After some rescue work, I was able to boot up and things worked fine. Good job Fedora.  🙁

Other things completed since the last entry:

Removed WordPress Login Security Solution plugin since it was blocking login.

Speedtest now warns if download, upload or ping are not normal.

If speedtest is warning, there is now a link to request a new test.

NSS began preventing Apache startup. See Apache NSS Configuration.TXT.

Backup script now exits with error if backup device isn’t mounted.

Disabled auditing and auditd due to spewing to console and log.

Updated version script to use php-pear-Console-Color2.

Added Hillary Clinton video to home page.

Demoted DynDNS for Internet IP check due to too many failures and slow responses.

Improved acquisition of distribution name for admin page.

The Let’s Encrypt client is now called Certbot. Changed scripts to reflect this change.

Disabled several startup services.

Several changes to the Fedora Installation Checklist.

Cinnamon and more

Now that I’m using the Nouveau noaccel parameter, it seems Cinnamon is too slow and resource intensive for my use. That said, it remains the most impressive desktop environment, except for possibly GNOME. I’m fairly sure I’ll be trying it again in the not-too-distant future.

And some other recent items:

Installed hwinfo hardware information and cron script code.

Added Fedora 10th anniversary graphic/link to home page.

After two years, finally activated WordPress Akismet plugin.

Updated Jetpack WordPress plugin to address security vulnerability.

Niced more commands in cron scripts.

Bolded package line on karma check page.

Trying out XFCE

After having various problems with the other desktop environments relating to Nouveau and nVidia, I’ve been running XFCE for a couple of weeks. So far it’s stable, which is a breath of fresh air (I’m looking at you Fedora and GNOME!). Hopefully things will be improved in Fedora 20.

I also updated several old WordPress plugins, which fixed an issue connecting with Firefox on Android. It is important to keep WP and its plugins updated!

Other work includes multiple sources now used for Internet IP checks, and kernels information was moved to admin page 2.

Various updates for January

Added check of Nagios service status information to admin page.

Added toggle display of Nagios service information to admin page.

Admin page program versions now include release.

Increased speed of version checks. Also now check versions more frequently.

Only allow admin access from virtual host.

Added extra level of protection for WordPress configuration file. Don’t allow directory listings in WordPress folders.

Stopped Plymouth theme cron check from running too frequently and using too many resources.

Various Improvements

Implemented several WordPress security features. Documented them in “WordPress Security.TXT” and “WordPress Installation.TXT”.

Improved the grub.cfg generation script by adding the option to proceed or not after editing the special customization file.

Added bashrc function to properly handle starting gEdit in the background with ‘g’ and a file argument.

Recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Noticed several video issues in Unity which do not impress me. Perhaps without these issues, Unity might be a good alternative to GNOME Shell. But not for now.